“Charlotte Ariss is a professional, detail-oriented location scout and manager whose quality of service is consistent, efficient and fast.  I appreciate that her homeowner challenges never become our problems and she's available when we need her.   She and her team are always of equal service to their clients, homeowners and crew which we really appreciate.  They work diligently behind the scenes to ensure a positive experience is had by all.” - Target Producer

“You are one of the greatest assets to our production community, hands down!” - BBY Producer

“Not having to worry about any of the locations logistics is the beginning of why we love working with CAL. The care and attention of that you bring to managing the places we work, and the relationships with the owners makes our jobs so much easier. Also, you aren’t afraid to keep us honest on timelines and deadlines for permits, etc. We really look at CAL as a partner.” - BBY Producer

“Thank you so much for providing a plethora of amazing locations to choose from and helping us lock in two incredible locations that were everything we needed and more” - A.R. Producer

“The production company took complete control of our home for two days. They, first, photographed every room for the furniture placement as well as wall hangings. Then they completely rearranged our furniture, and laid carpet runners down to cover all flooring. The production crew determined which rooms were appropriate for lighting and camera viewing. When they announced “It’s a wrap”, within two hours, our home was retuned to its original state with everything placed back into the exact location, prior to the shoot. We enjoyed hosting this shoot in our home.” - R + S B. Homeowners

 “I really appreciate how clear, easy and thorough your files are. Not only are these [your locations] great spaces but the coverage is very well done. I wish every scout could step up to this level.  Thank you.” - S.M. Director/Photographer

“CAL ensures a seamless process by setting up all the parameters and expectations in advance (including all costs), with no misunderstandings, complications or surprises. They are also great at providing professional onsite management to act as a helpful and neutral liaison, ensuring a great experience for our crew and the homeowners” - BBY Producer

“Thank you for being so wonderfully organized and easy to work with. Your attention to all the details makes it a pleasure working with you.” -City Clerk

“We work with Charlotte Ariss Locations because we know our locations will be managed with care, professionalism, and tact. Her personal touch combined with a deep understanding of the production industry make things so easy, we consider Charlotte a true partner. Also, when things don’t go as planned, which can happen, Charlotte’s ability to calmly solve real-time problems is unmatched. Plus, she is a true joy to work with, and she cares deeply about our work.” -Polaris Producer

Your location manager just left our house and I just wanted to send a note to say how great our experience with you has been since we've began working with you! I always appreciate how great the communication is and how tidy everything is left! I can tell that you all take great care in your career and it is always a pleasure to invite you into our home.” - K.B. Location Homeowner

“We had two great shoot days that were smooth as glass, great experiences for my clients and their/our collective end clients.” - A.R. Producer